Monday, September 17, 2012

Here I Go...

Ladybugs and Lattes: 2 objects that partially define my adult life. Ladybugs have sneakily made their presence more and more prominent simply by coincidence. From the tattoo I chose as a rebellious 18 year old, to the name of the preschool classroom I taught (that ended up showing me that my true passion in life is early childhood), to the nickname for my baby girl (Cadybug), to the decorations of her nursery. Ladybugs just hold a special place in my heart because they represent major milestones in my life. Lattes, on the other hand, are an addiction that I have no intention of trying to kick. When life seems to be attacking me, a good latte will boost my mood in the other direction. Hands down. Ladybugs may have shaped me into who I am, but lattes keep that crazy person going.

So this is it. My first post. You know, because I'm not busy enough cooking, cleaning, organizing, driving the baby to activities, folding laundry, planning activities for the baby, grocery shopping, reading books to the baby, paying the bills, feeding the baby, clipping coupons, running errands, changing diapers, desperately searching for the last free sample packet of instant coffee because I swear there's one in there and I gotta have it now, doing the dishes, nearly passing out on the couch with one eye open watching Ellen while the baby naps, and searching Pinterest for more ideas to fill the tiny gaps of time I have left.

However, I'm excited because this blog will be the new dumping ground for all of the ideas I find on the internet that I decide to try out, whether they are a success...or a total failure. Let me tell you, there have been many failures already, so at the very least, this will be a comical adventure for us all. I originally just uploaded pictures for friends to see my "accomplishments", but I have come to the realization that other people may need to see examples of what Pinterest projects really end up looking like. This is the good, the bad, and the "that can't be right" of really interesting projects that I thought I could do.

I'm excited to document my personal attempts at meal planning, living on a budget, raising my daughter, and organizing my home, almost completely inspired by Pinterest and other internet findings. Thanks for joining me!

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