Monday, September 17, 2012

Lollipop Tree...or Vegetable Bush

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About a week or so into my obsession with Pinterest, I came across this Lollipop Tree (click on the link to see the original beautiful picture of this project from It just so happened that I had a child's birthday party to attend and I thought "hey, I can totally do this no problem". So, off to the dollar store I went.
Medium-sized plant pot: check.
Styrofoam ball to fit in said pot: check.
Giant bag of dum-dums: negative, but they did have smaller bags so I purchased 6 bags to get the equivalent amount of lollipops.

Excited to try my hand at crafting, I hurried home and spread all of the supplies on the living room floor. It's simple enough - put the Styrofoam ball in the pot and stick in the lollipops. I started at the top in a cluster and worked my way down until there was none of the ball showing, leaving me with approximately 2 bags of leftover lollipops that I swore I would use for another project very soon (and yet, 6 months later, they're still shoved in my cabinet).

Did mine turn out beautifully full and round like the picture on Pinterest that sucked me in? Nope. Mine turned out like this:

It resembled more of a colorful piece of cauliflower than the flowering plant I imagined.

Where did I go wrong??? After looking at the directions and images from the original link, I decided that my downfall was that I bought a Styrofoam ball that was too small. It was the only size that the dollar store had and I'm living on a strict budget here, so happy birthday, kids. Have some cauliflower.

Self-given grade: semi-fail

Curious how you can do this fun project? Go here: Meet the Dubiens

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