Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY Growth Chart for Kid's Bedroom

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I saw this cute Cherry Blossom Art made from the bottom of a soda bottle. My first thought was, "I could easily do this and it would look really nice as a growth chart in Cadybug's room." (Her room is ladybugs and flowers.)

My second thought was "Well now I need to go buy a bottle of some kind of pop." We don't drink much pop around here, and if we do have any around, it's because I got a great deal on it around some sort of barbecuing holiday (i.e. Memorial Day or 4th of July). And it's always cans. They're easier to store and we can turn around and smash and recycle the cans for money.

So I went store hopping to get a bottle of pop (grocery store), then paint (Hobby Lobby), and then a pre-painted white shelf (Menards).

First, I drew the branch and painted it dark brown.

Then I dipped the (cleaned) bottom of the pop bottle in pink paint and strategically pressed it onto the shelf to look like flowers.

After it dried, we drilled it into her bedroom wall. Then I used a black permanent marker and a ruler to make hash marks at every inch on the side of the shelf. I wrote each foot on the side for easy measurement reading. It's much easier to make the measurements after hanging it up on the wall.

I marked the height she was at when she was born, and then we measured her on her 1st birthday, and plan to measure her on every birthday.

I loved it in my daughter's room so much, that when we found out our friends were going to have a monkey-themed nursery for their baby boy, my husband helped me draw a monkey to make a growth chart for them.

The adorable possibilities are endless.

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