Monday, March 25, 2013

Learning Colors with Easter Eggs

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My little Cady is fascinated with shapes, colors and letters right now. It's so fun to watch this little person soak up new knowledge every day.

Well, Easter is coming up and I want to encourage her interest in learning colors, so I created these simple felt activities for her.

2 Colored Egg Matching Activities

1) Using scrap felt, I cut out egg shapes in as many colors as I had available. Then I cut each in half (with a zig-zag) and put the tops of the eggs on the flannel board. The idea is that she finds the matching bottom half and completes each egg. She was more interested in putting the pieces wherever she wanted, but eventually she'll get it.

2) Another project I created for her is felt eggs that have matching plastic eggs. I sat down and cut out the felt while getting in my afternoon Restaurant Impossible fix, then I hot glued the "yolks" onto the "whites".

With this activity, she can find the matching color and stuff it inside the plastic egg. This activity develops fine motor skills, cognitive development, and imaginative play.

I stuffed all of the eggs and put them in her Easter basket. I'm going to casually leave it out on the floor so when she wakes up from nap, she'll spend a good 20-30 minutes exploring the eggs. It's a sure way to keep her out of trouble long enough for me to prep dinner.

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