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Whole Wheat Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pockets...sort of

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Since I started reading food labels more carefully, my husband has been woefully missing his Hot Pockets. They were quick and easy lunch fixes, which is something he treasures since he wakes up 6 1/2 minutes before he has to leave for work and somehow manages to get dressed, brush his teeth, grab breakfast, and make a lunch in that time.

How in the world does he do this? He has an awesome wife (*cough* me) who usually preps lunch foods into individual containers. But on the off chance that I just didn't feel like prepping a whole lot (okay, this happens more than I'd like to admit), he scours the freezer for fast foods to zap in the microwave.

Hot pockets used to be that last minute meal...until I started reading labels and began avoiding foods with too many ingredients I didn't know how to pronounce. But I just can't help feeling bad for that sad face at 7:38am as he searches the freezer.

A little googlin' and pinterestin' later...homemade hot pockets!

I didn't go by the original recipe totally, but it sparked some ideas for me to create the best hot pocket flavor of all: Pepperoni Pizza. And nothing says "Happy Friday" quite like pepperoni pizza for lunch.

* Pizza dough (I made homemade dough using half whole wheat flour and half bread flour)
* tomato sauce (I used a few spoonfuls of leftover spaghetti sauce from when I made Easy Spinach Lasagna)
* shredded mozzarella cheese (I used about 1 cup)
* pepperoni (I used turkey pepperoni because I like how it's leaner and less greasy)
* an egg and some garlic powder and Italian seasonings (optional)

Don't be intimidated by the idea of making your own pizza dough. It is so easy and had I realized how simple it was before, I never would have purchased the frozen kind. You can try my recipe here.

Step 1) Make your pizza dough (or use the frozen kind, after it has defrosted and risen). After it has risen, roll it out and cut into even pieces. I made 4 but they're on the bigger side so maybe 6 would be better? Roll each piece into a ball.

Step 2) Take a dough ball and roll it out into a circle. Spread on some sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

Step 3) Fold up the ends and pinch the dough together really well. I didn't do this so well and had sauce ooze out a little. (See picture below)
Oops. The sauce oozed.

Step 4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the rest of the dough balls.

Step 5) Whisk an egg with some Italian seasonings and garlic powder. Brush it onto the tops of the hot pockets. This is optional because it's really just to give it a golden brown color plus some extra flavor. Now, if you're a pro in the kitchen (or less lazy than me), you could use a brush to spread the egg on top. If you do it my way (with the fork that was used to whisk it), you may end up with an eggy mess like I did.
Oops. Eggy mess due to laziness.

Step 6) Bake for 20 minutes at 375*

Cady approved
Is it gorgeous? Not really. I need to practice my shaping and "brushing".

But does it taste awesome? Yes!

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