Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snowman Winter Wreath

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Often, I like to be crafty. And sometimes, I actually complete my projects. This is one that I completed...probably because I was giving it as a gift instead of making it for myself. I love it because it can be hung up for Christmas time and then kept up for the next few months.

What You Will Need:
1 wreath
1 ball of yarn
1 styrofoam ball
1 piece of white fleece
1 rubber band
1 piece of material (enough to make a hat and scarf)
1 small piece of felt
small amount of polyfil
2 googly eyes
black and orange pipe cleaner pieces
1 piece of white felt
hot glue

I purchased a sturdy wreath from Michael's and some soft baby blue yarn...

and a styrofoam ball and a piece of white fleece. I wrapped the wreath with yarn and wrapped the fleece around the ball.

I took a spare (decent-sized) piece of material, glued some gray felt onto it to make the brim of the hat, and wrapped it around the fleece ball to make a snowman head with a hat. I also added a little bit of polyfil to keep it looking fluffy and full. Using the scraps from the hat, I made a quick scarf to match.

I folded over the end of the "hat" and tied it off with a ribbon. Then I hot glued a face on the snowman using googly eyes and pipe cleaner pieces. Then I hot glued the snowman to the wreath.

It was missing something, though. I whipped up some felt flowers and hot glued them onto the wreath, as well.

I attached a ribbon to hang the wreath...and done (only 2 mild hot glue burns and several hours later)!

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