Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day Wreath

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We had our second Pinterest party over the weekend. This is a day free of husbands and children where we make interesting things we find on Pinterest. Our first party was just before Christmas, so we made stocking stuffers: chocolate bars wrapped up in paper, ribbon and socks to look like snowmen or reindeer.
Rumchata Cupcakes
We also made Rumchata cupcakes just because...and man, were they good!

It was time to plan another party because the first one was a hit, and we chose to make a Valentine's themed wreath that I found on Pinterest.

All we did was pop in a couple movies (because this is a simple craft, but fairly time consuming), wrap a wreath in yarn, cut out and glue on felt hearts, and wrap the yarn around again over the hearts in a criss-cross pattern.

You Will Need:
1 wreath (I used a 12-inch wreath)
1 skein of yarn (actually, more like half of one - I used gray)
2 pieces of felt (1 of each color - I used pink and white)
some glue to hold down the hearts while you wrap
a piece of ribbon to hang your wreath

I hung mine on our hallway mirror and I love it!


  1. I like the valintine wreath.

  2. I love the wreath its exactly what I was looking for! Its super cute