Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Squish Sacks

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Low on time and funds (Black Friday shopping hurt my bank account this year - ouch!), I needed a gift that my little girl could give to her cousins for Christmas.

I made a trip to the dollar store for balloons, stopped at mom's to borrow her many different colored sharpies, and came home to make some playdough. What in the world did I make? Meet the Christmas Squish Sacks.

I used my homemade playdough recipe to whip up a quick batch of playdough. I say "quick" because the real time suck of making playdough is kneading in the food coloring. Since no one was going to actually see the playdough, much time was saved by leaving it plain.

Then I slyly asked my husband if he could help me with something in the kitchen. He had no idea what he was in for, but he helped me anyway because he's a good guy like that. I had him hold open each balloon while I shoved playdough inside them. Then he let out as much air as he could and tied them off.

These are awesome! They're little homemade stress balls and very addicting to absentmindedly play with.

Then I grabbed the markers and decorated the red and green balloons to look like ornaments and the white balloons to look like snowmen.

Then I tied ribbon so that the "ornaments" could be hung and the "snowmen" have scarves.

These make great stocking stuffers - and you can use any leftover dough as regular playdough. Just add some food coloring first to try to avoid any "this looks edible" incidents like I had with my little one.

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