Monday, December 3, 2012

Nintendo Controller Netbook Sleeve

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When I originally found a similar Nintendo controller laptop case, I immediately thought of my sister. When I pinned it back in February, I had great intentions of making it for her birthday (in September).

Next thing I knew, it was November and I was realizing that I should actually sit down and make this. I had all of the materials squeezed into a plastic Michael's bag that hung from my dining room chair. I needed to complete this I can make room on my dining room chair for the next unfinished project. What was I waiting for?

Well, the only chances I ever have to work on crafty projects are during the precious last seconds of afternoon nap time (Cady's, not mine unfortunately) or when I put her down for the night (yawn, how about I just sit on my butt and watch Teen Mom 2 and eat a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch instead).

2 days ago, I finally bit the bullet and said "I need to do this. Or else I have to actually go buy her a gift to replace this unmade pile of felt."

It was simple...sort of. I basically just found a picture of an old Nintendo controller, and cut out matching felt pieces. I used 2 full pieces of gray, most of a piece of black, and then gray, black, white, and red scraps of felt. I hot glued the large black piece onto one gray piece first, then added the embellishments. Then I did a thin layer of hot glue to attach the two full size pieces of gray felt. I don't know how this would work with a full size laptop, but I was making it for a netbook so it turned out to be the perfect size.

After the glue dried (and I peeled the burned flesh off of my fingers), I sat down and sewed (by hand!) around the edges to make it sturdier. Let me tell you, it's not easy to sew through 3 pieces of felt and a layer of hot glue. I stabbed myself with the needle enough times that my husband stopped asking if I was okay and instead suggested I put thimbles on every finger.

I'm not the best sewer and my finished product doesn't look as flawless as the original, but I'm happy with it and excited to see her face when she opens it Christmas morning.

But don't talk to her about this until December 26th. I was just so excited that I finally finished this project that I had to share.

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