Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Make a Baby Headband for just $1.23!

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Does your beautiful baby girl suffer from headband-indent-itis (a red mark caused by tight store-bought headbands)? Here is the cure you've been looking for...
I am one of those moms that has put a headband on my daughter's soft little head nearly every day since she was born. There is no question that I am toting a little girly-girl by my side.
All of those headbands that you can buy for little baby girls are cute and everything, but what's not-so-cute is the big red indent that is left on their little girl heads. I get that they have to be fitting so that they stay on and the baby doesn't choke themselves on it, but do they really have to cut off blood flow?

My awesome cousin Lissa is so good at making adorable headbands that actually fit well and she inspired me to try to make some for my little Cadybug.

Sometimes my headbands turn out really cute...and sometimes they look weird. Cute little girls can pull off weird looking headbands, though, right?

However, this one turned out adorable!

All you need is:
* felt cut into circles (no larger than the bow or flower you are putting on your headband)
* flower, bow, or whatever item you want to put on the headband
* hot glue gun/hot glue
* headband

That's it.

The absolute most difficult part for me has been finding stretchy headbands that fit well. My advice to you if you're just starting out is to look in the older kid's section for plain headbands. They seem to fit the best and usually come in packages with multiple colors.

Find some felt that will match the headband and cut it into two small circles.

I like to use fake flowers from the dollar store. If you want to try that, make sure you remove all of the hard plastic pieces in the middle of the flower first. Then you will need to glue each layer of the flower separately. The middle of the flower may look ugly from all the glue underneath, so I like to put something decorative in the middle (like a button or puffy paint glob). For this particular headband, I used a flower that was in the craft section of Wal-Mart. I chose the more expensive route simply because I was looking for a black flower at the last minute.

Your flower/bow/whatever will cover up the seam completely. Find the seam on the headband and glue one of the felt circles on one side of it. Glue the other felt circle to the back of your flower/bow/whatever, then glue that felt piece
onto the opposite side of the headband seam, making a headband sandwich.

1/4 piece of felt: $.07 (my store sells felt for $.29)
1 headband: $.83 (on average)
1 flower: $.33 (bouquet from the dollar store)

I have seen similar looking headbands in a children's store for $6 each. Make it yourself and save $4.77 per headband! And if, like me, you want to have one of every color to match all of your adorable baby girl outfits, you could save so much money!

Be creative and say goodbye to the days of head indents!!

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  1. so weird, i made this headband a couple weeks ago. this is my first time seeing this tutorial. i had a the almost identical flower and a white headband like the ones at the top. wow.