Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hair Dryer and Curling Iron Storage

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We recently renovated our master bathroom, but don't let the word "master" fool you because it's a rather small bathroom. If my hubby wants to stand at the sink with me while we brush our teeth, he has to wedge my robe (that's hanging behind the door) into the corner of the wall so that he can open the door all the way. I have to hang my cosmetics behind the door as well or else our stuff just wouldn't fit in there. It has everything we need, but when it comes to storage, we have to be creative.

In order to have more space to move around, we went with a smaller vanity. We love it and it's beautiful, but storage space in minimal. I needed a place to put my hair styling tools and miscellaneous items, and it ended up looking like this...

Disaster in progress, I know. It could be worse...but if I didn't do something soon with the little that I had in there, it was going to get much worse very quickly.

So, I was at the Goodwill store and I found these two desk organizers. Hmm. They looked big enough to hold my stuff, and after tax, I only paid a total of $1.92!

I cleaned them up, put my hair dryer in one and curling irons in the other and voila! They fit!

For less than $2, my bathroom vanity is neater and now I have even more space for anything else I need to store in there.

from mess to magnificent

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