Friday, October 12, 2012

Foaming Hand Soap - DIY

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I have an obsession. Bath and Body Works foaming hand soaps are one of my personal splurges. I limited myself to only purchasing it on sale or putting it on my gift wishlist. But even when I get it on sale for $3 a bottle, it's still a bit pricey for us. Regular liquid hand soap is okay and all, but sometimes you go to pump, and it spurts out a handful. I don't have 15 minutes to wash all of that excess soap off of my hands. Foaming soap, albeit expensive, is the way to go.

So I was perusing Pinterest one day and found this blog, "Full of Great Ideas", that suggested you can make your own foaming hand soap. Whoa. I couldn't pin it fast enough.
They use dish soap or body wash, but I figured I could try it with regular hand soap.

Of course, my supply of foaming hand soap ran out quicker than expected, so I logged into my pinterest account and gave this a try.

Here's what I did.

1. I grabbed my empty foam soap container and a new bottle of regular liquid hand soap (I have not tried the creamy-lotiony kind).

2. I filled the empty container about two inches with the soap.

3. I added hot water to the container, leaving about an inch or so at the top.

4. I screwed the lid back on and shook it (side to side, not up and down).

5. I pumped it and it worked! Now, I don't have any exact measurements. You basically add water until you get the desired foaminess. If you add your soap and water and it still seems too thick, just add a little more water. The first few pumps may need a little force, but it should work perfectly after that.

My soap refills last so much longer and I feel like I'm not wasting tons of soap every time I wash my hands.

This is one of my favorite money saving tricks that still allows me to feel like I'm living luxuriously. You know, because foaming hand soap is the epitome of wealth.

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