Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Cutting/Gluing Craft with Paint Chips

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My house is severely lacking this year when it comes to Halloween decorations. I blame it on the craft fair that I signed up for at the last minute (with 2 weeks to get all of the supplies and make enough stuff to have a legitimate booth), but really, it's because we have limited decorations (until they're on clearance November 1st - so look out next year).

However, I saw some ideas floating around the internet on how to use paint chips for art projects. I stopped in the paint section of our local Home Depot (while the hubby was ogling power tools and such), and picked out some Halloween-ish colors. As I was making them, I thought that this would be a fun project for preschool or elementary school students to work on their cutting and gluing. Just pre-draw the outlines for the kids to cut out.

I made Frankensteins, ghosts, and candy corn. These can be used as Halloween cards, decorations, or just a fun craft project. Here's how you can do it, too.

1. Pick out the paint chip colors you like. I went with shades of green for my monsters, gray for the ghosts, and orange/yellow for the candy corn.

2. Pencil in the outline of your designs. I cut the monsters into rectangles, the ghosts into, well, ghosts, and the candy corn into triangles with rounded edges. Then cut out your shapes.

3. Cut small triangles off of the tops of the Frankenstein monsters. When glued onto black paper, it will look like they have black hair.

4. Cut out backgrounds for the characters. I used card stock because it is sturdier. Use black for the monsters (because it will double as their "hair").

5. Cut out circles for eyes (I used the scraps from the paint chips for the colored parts). Cut out mouth shapes. Get creative. I'm not a great drawer, so I went very simple.

6. Glue the cut out characters onto the backgrounds. (I used a glue stick.) Then glue on the eyes and mouths and decorate with finishing touches.

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