Thursday, October 11, 2012

Working off the Toddler Weight

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Is it still considered baby weight if I lost it all after having the baby and then gained it back? No? Then, I will refer to it as toddler weight instead.
As a busy supermom and homemaker, it has been a struggle for me to find time to work out as much as I used to, but I refuse to give up.

I was ecstatic when I lost all of the baby weight (and then some!) while I was breastfeeding...and then I stopped breastfeeding...and the pounds came back. 30 minutes a day doesn't sound like much, but when the laundry and dishes are piling up, I need to go grocery shopping, and my adorable baby girl looks up at me while holding a book for me to read to her, those 30 minutes have already been spoken for.

Ideally, I would get up at 6 and get my work out in, then take a shower and be ready for the day before the baby gets up. Here's what really happens, though.

7:20am I turn over as the hubby's alarm goes off
7:40am I turn over again as the hubby says good bye
7:45am I hear the baby calling for me and the unpleasant thought of actually moving my head off of the pillow starts to become a reality
7:50am I change the baby's diaper with one eye open and my hair in a nest hanging from the side of my head (so glamorous)
7:55am I yawn, and baby girl looks at me and imitates my yawn. Is it that obvious how tired I am? I guess so.
8:00am Feed baby girl her yogurt, resting my head in the other hand
8:25am Sit on the floor with baby girl and play with toys, while thinking of excuses why I'm not going to work out. I like to multi-task.
9:00am Finally muster up the motivation to work out

Hooray! Here I go! Pop in the dvd and start working out...OUCH! Stepped on Cadybug's drum stick.

Keep going. I hear "ticka ticka ticka" I look down, there's Cady trying to tickle me as I grapevine.

Somehow I manage to continue the work out, dodging Cady as she crawls around the living room floor and stepping over the toys that she keeps putting near my feet as obstacles.

Keep moving. Pull Cady away from the fireplace she's trying to get into, then jump back in the workout.

Time to stretch it out. I stand with my legs in a "V" position. As I look down, I see Cady poking her head through my legs, looking up at me.


Maybe I can force myself to wake up tomorrow at 6am...

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